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Special Thanks


Swing Central wishes to thank everyone who has made it possible to produce this music and dance program. We'd especially like to thank the Lebanese Taverna Restaurant, for sponsoring our show.


Frankie Manning

Dawn Hampton

Jean Veloz

Ray Phelps

Norma Miller

Arnold Taylor

Steven Mitchell

Erik Robison

Nathalie Gomes

Yuval Hod

Don Lerman

Daryl Davis

Shalev Weinstein

Chip Feise

The J Street Jumpers

David Welch

Christina Crerar

Swing It Sister

Craig Gildner

Blue Sky 5

The Tom Cunningham Orchestra

Quintessence & Yazzoo-zazz

Greg Jenkins Quartet

Double Scotch

Arlington Independent Media staff

Leslie Coombs

DCLX Committee

Tom Koerner

Debra Sternberg

Jane Ford

Donna Roessel

Judy Pritchett

Phil Shapiro

The Big Bowl Restaurant

Vernon Hensley

Brendan Dahl

Docs in Progress

Alex Robinson

The Washington-Lee High School

Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Combo



Our special thanks goes out to the host of our show, Jimmy "D Shark" Musgrave. Jimmy is responsible for firing up the audience and interviewing the guests. Not only is he the host of our show, he is also the chief audio engineer responsible for the always stellar sound mix which has consistently been exceptional.


We'd also like to thank our families as well as the dancers, friends, musicians, and crew members who have helped us to make this show a reality.