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Tommy Greco, a saxophone player, had dreamed for 16 years of bringing the music and dance he deeply reveres to television. He took video production training courses at Arlington Independent Media, a local access station in his community, and worked on other producerís shows at the station with a dance and music show in mind.


The September 11 tragedy gave him the drive to make his dream a reality. He quit his day job by the end of September 2001, and by the end of the year, the first Swing Central episode was on the air. It featured the band Blue Sky 5, of which he is a founding member.


Tommy played the sax and served as the producer and floor director of that first show. Eventually he branched out, shooting episodes featuring other bands. That enabled him to eventually work in every position: studio camera, field camera, lighting design, dancer and ultimately in May 2003, director of his own show. Tommy has edited every episode.


In January 2003, Emily Schwartz joined Tommy Greco on Swing Centralís production team. A veteran journalist, she has taken over the organizational aspects of production, such as bringing together a top-notch team of dancers and crew members, and script-writing.


Their work as a production team quickly led to a deeper commitment. Emily and Tommy were married in May 2004.